The association of verified psychic mediums is located in the Huston where we originally began our operations. Our initial services were brought to use in the same region. The people of Houston believe that we are amongst the best psychic mediums we could ask for.

When where we founded?

The The association of verified psychic mediums was found in the mid of 20th century that makes us neither too historic nor too late. we have been around since good 64 years and ever since we got found, we have been rendering psychic medium services to people who have felt a need for it.

How big are we?

We are the most well known association of Psychic Medium in the whole of Houston and our reputation helps them to be. The association has several trained and gifted members who are the best at what we do. Some of the members have visions of the future and of what is to come. we can see the unseen and can tell without being told. To become a member, you have to pass several psychic tests, to become verified. Please contact us to learn more.

PS: In 2015 we will expand to all continental States! (excluding Vermont)

What do we do?

The association helps people in solving our problems that are troubled with either hard luck or have trouble deciding what to do ahead since all that we do turns to is failure. The psychic mediums are individuals that deal with paranormal and scientifically unexplainable occurrences, and who can for tell the future or see the past also.

We helped several troubled families who were upset and sought spiritual remedies to our worries. Also, as part of our portfolio, the association members have thus far amazed people with precise forecasts about our future.

It is important for all to know that the association members have been trained to perform psychic medium services and that we also had this as gift.